500 internal server error installing an instance of the GM

I am installing a sandbox (a test instance of the grammar matrix):

python matrix.py install sandbox_location

and the install script runs without an error, but I am then getting a 500 error from the website (where I installed it).

What could be the reason?

The error very generally just means something is broken, most likely in the code that you are porting to the sandbox location.

Some things to try:

  1. Check that matrix.cgi is not broken:

python matrix.cgi

(you want to see a HTML block)

  1. Check that you are in fact copying the files that you think you are copying. If your CUSTOMIZATIONROOT is set to something, the install script may pick up files from there and not from where you are running the install.

Generally, you can use the -C flag with matrix.py commands to specify the customization root. To use the local one, do:

python matrix.py install your-location -C gmcs/