A lexical rule not applying?

How to debug the following:

I have lexical rules specified in my grammar, like the object must be accusative, and I see a Head-Comp rule not applying because the object NP is still missing the case affix:



However the rule is there and when I try to unify the object NP with the rule, there is no problem (interactively):


(There are also other nouns which go through other similar lexical rules which are working perfectly. I did some extensive modifications to my head-comp rules recently but I simply don’t see how this would matter…)

Any ideas at all?

Oh, I suppose this must have to do with me adding information structure? Now the phrase-structure rules are trying to constrain for topic-focus, and maybe that’s not OK for the inflecting lexical rules for some reason, since they are “no-ccont”, which I don’t yet firmly know what that means, but sounds related :).

Actually, I don’t think it has to do with info structure or CCONT necessarily; I put back in one simple HCR without any interesting constraints, and the lexical rule still isn’t applying to the noun (I mean, this isn’t really surprising; I would be more surprised if the lexical rule somehow new about the HCR).

I now suspect that this particular rule was never applying and I never noticed because it wasn’t actually covered by the test suite… But how to debug?

For the love of god, this was a keyboard input issue.

Apparently I had a Latin suffix “a” entered in my irules.tdl.