A lextype for "which" and generally linking things in the MRS

I am working on lexical types for question words for my constituent questions library. right now I am working on the word which. Now, I have been trying to adapt various types which I have from e.g. 567 (such as a type for words like who/what) or the type from the ERG, but I think I want to ask more about the general methodology here. (Since trying to adapt existing things without fully understanding them can be a waste of time.)

Suppose I decided that I would like an MRS like below:

How do I go about it? In particular:

  1. How do I figure out which existing type to use from matrix.tdl? The type for words like what/who which I got “for free” from 567 instructions inherits from norm-hook-lex-item & basic-icons-lex-item, but like I said trying to adapt something without fully understanding it has not been very fruitful, so, suppose for now that I do not have that type to look at.

  2. Suppose I didn’t have a supertype in matrix.tdl (unlikely but still). How would I generally go about mapping this MRS to TDL? There is the lexical type part and the extraction rule part of course.

I see that there is a label, a restr list, and one argument in which’s semantics, as well as a which_q relation. The label looks like I don’t need to worry about but the RSTR is important because it is linking to book. How best to search matrix.tdl to find a suitable supertype? How do I know which section to read? “Lexical types”, I guess? And there things that have… one arg? What about hcons vs no-hcons and ltop vs no-ltop, how do I navigate there? I would think I need hcons because there is the linking between which and book but I am not entirely sure. Perhaps it is the extracted-adj rule that does the linking? That one deals with things in terms of HOOKs, I think… I am still drowning in all this I am afraid (and the MRS paper does not directly help, not that I am saying I shouldn’t be reading it). Any advice on how to build a systematic approach to these tasks?

I am not posting what I currently have on purpose, because I want to try and get general advice/pointers first.

I think the way I would approach this is to look for a maximally similar type — that is, a non-wh determiner. You can’t just use the lexical type it inherits from (because it’ll have an empty QUE value), so the thing to do is to figure out how to get the rest of the constraints without the one you want to avoid.

Does that make sense?