ACE LUI on Catalina?

I have a 10.15 OSX, and I don’t remember if the latest yzlui (see here) ever worked on it or not. I have everything set up and I remember things working before, but don’t know whether that was pre-Catalina… Is the current yzlui supposed to work on 10.15.7 (if set up as in the instructions)? When I try to run ace with the -l option, the lui app seems to open and immediately close.

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+1 it seemed to stop working with Catalina.

@olzama Presumably you’re running the maclui version of yzlui? maclui opens and immediately closes if you run ace with the -l option and pipe sentences to it, e.g.

echo "Kim helps." | ./ace -g erg-2018.dat -l

It stays open if you run it with ./ace -g erg-2018.dat -l and type in sentences.

I haven’t got a Mac with Catalina on any more, but maclui does run (after a fashion) on my M1 MacBook Pro in the more recent 11.6 ‘Big Sur’. I followed the installation instructions in the README and didn’t even have to fiddle with quarantine settings. A major problem though is that command-click menus don’t display. When you command-click, an invisible menu pops up from which you can select commands if you can guess where they are!

@sweaglesw can you help?

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Ah, indeed! Thank you, John! I forgot about this. I added this to the AceLui wiki page.

Thanks for the pointer, John. Yes, I believe Catalina is exactly the OS that broke yzlui, and was the reason I had to push maclui out the door. John, the behavior you report with piping sentences in from “echo” does not surprise me; did you have different behavior with the older yzlui? Also, now that maclui has been in use for a year or so, does anybody have any gripes about it that need fixing? I’m sure there are issues that need attending to, even ones I was once aware of…

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Thanks, Woodley. The piping behaviour is no different to before, and is the same as in Linux. I think Olga forgot. (It’s a bit counter-intuitive - until you realise that if ace is starting up yzlui as child process then that process has to quit when ace does).

For me, the maclui ‘invisible menus’ problem is new, but it’s probably what Alexandre was experiencing around 12 months ago: It would be great if you could take a look at this.

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I’m not sure what the invisible menus problem you are referring to is. I took a look at the thread you linked, and as before, I wasn’t able to reproduce the behavior Alexandre reported there. If there’s a behavior you’re seeing related to that, are there steps that make it easy to reproduce? No rush to answer.