Adding a more recent ERG to delphin-viz

Emily and I were discussing possibly adding a more recent version of the ERG to the delphin-viz demo.

If we do this, what is the best/most recent version of the ERG that should be added?

Somewhat relatedly, is there a place where I can find ERG release notes to see the differences across versions of the grammar over time?

@Dan might be the right person for these questions

I would be glad to see the most recent tagged version of the ERG added to delphin-viz. I am pleased to report that I have now tagged the 2023 version in the SVN repository, so you can get it here:
svn checkout - Revision 29441: /erg/tags/2023
(I hope to also produce a parallel release in Github by the end of this month, but I’m still on the learning curve in that modern universe.)

You can find somewhat cryptic release notes for the 2023 version and for past versions, in the toplevel README file in the ERG directory. You can also find the slides for the Summit talk I gave on this 2023 release (rather optimistically called the 2022 release in the talk) here:

You’ll find slides for a similar overview of the 2020 release here:
I reckon there are similar intros at summits further back in history if you’re interested.

Hope this helps.

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