An interface for a grammar+parser package

Hi folks,

I’ve been ruminating on @bond’s suggestion to package the ERG binaries. I’m not 100% on how this would work with apt, but with homebrew (and I think with apt), the result would be putting the grammar binaries someplace like /usr/share/, and then one could run ace -g /usr/share/erg-XYZ.dat as usual.

This seems fine, but I’m wondering if a more user friendly option would be to make a grammar manager tool that handles the mechanics of getting and compiling the grammars as well as lookup. So, you could run something like command parse erg (where command is some clever name I haven’t conceived :slight_smile:). With PyDelphin, I don’t think this would be much code.

Does this seem better to folks, or too much catering?

Also, I suppose this isn’t an either or situation. We could put the grammars on apt+homebrew and then write the wrapper to use those package managers.

I think the grammar as the input file are all inputs for the ACE. So I would not consider the grammar to be something as a component of ACE that should be saved in /usr/share/ace/.... Moreover, I don’t like the idea to add layers of abstraction on top of the basic tools, exposing the toolset and their options is better IMHO.