Analysis of 2p Clitic as Aux

What is the canonical citation for treating the second position clitic cluster as an auxiliary? I thought Bender 2010 took this analysis from somewhere else, but I don’t see a reference in that paper. Did Emily first propose this analysis and if so, is Bender 2010 the thing to cite?

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Looking at my 2008 HPSG paper on this, I seem to presuppose that it’s sensible to call these auxiliaries in Wambaya, which suggests to me that I was following Nordlinger 1998 in that respect. (The clitic cluster in Wambaya is also where TAM is expressed.)

Complete references for [Bender 2010] and [2008 HPSG paper] would be welcome! Google Scholar tells me about 9+8 papers in 2010 and 2008. :wink:

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I think Kristen was referring to this one:
Emily M. Bender. 2010. Reweaving a Grammar for Wambaya: A Case Study in Grammar Engineering for Linguistic Hypothesis Testing. Linguistic Issues in Language Technology 3(3). pp.1-34.

My 2008 HPSG paper is this one:
Bender, Emily M. 2008. Radical Non-Configurationality Without Shuffle Operators: An Analysis of Wambaya. In Müller, Stefan (ed) Proceedings of the HPSG 2008 Conference . Stanford: CSLI. [.bib]

All of my publications are available from my web page:


Thanks! I was looking at the wrong one then. I’ll cite the 2008 paper. (and @arademaker makes a good point. I’ll try to be more specific in the future)

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