Another case of FFTB not showing results for parsed items

I am having this issue when I know ACE can parse some items from the test suite using a particular grammar, but I can’t get fftb working with the profile. I am getting a “404 not found” error for all items.

I know there already has been some discussion of what looks similar: Further fftb woes – but I think in my case this is different because (1) I am using a linux setup which has been working for me before; (2) I not only see the “0 results” message (which I know is OK) but I actually am getting a “404 not found” error in the end, not the one that says “no forest stored for item”; (3) I am very quickly seeing some other message from the treebanker before the error appears, and I can see that it mentions the number of edges etc.

Could this be a browser issue?..

@ebender I know you successfully treebanked recently. Which version of linux, acetools and which browser (and which version) were you using?

Hi @olzama – is this with the profiles I sent you? Those were created with [incr tsdb()], so if you haven’t already, you’ll need to recreate them with art:

$ art -f -a 'ace --disable-generalization -g grm.dat -O' new/profile

(from: FftbTop · delph-in/docs Wiki · GitHub )

As for versions, I’m on the latest Ubuntu+LKB, with ace-0.9.31 and art-0.1.9 – and the latest fftb.

Yes, that’s the profiles you sent me, @ebender ! I have done the art step…

Here’s what I am getting when I click on the items (of an older profile that I had been able to successfully treebank a year ago on this same machine):

and then immediately:

My problem was I mindlessly copied the path to acetools from the instructions instead of using the actual path to acetools that I have on my machine. Problem solved!