Art/fftb/fftrain with ACE 0.9.26


Does anyone know the link to download art, fftb and fftrain for ACE 0.9.26?

[edit] I just noticed you asked specifically about ACE 0.9.26. I think art should work as-is, but fftb might need to be recompiled for ACE 0.9.26. The SVN URL for fftb is, but I don’t know what steps would be needed. I don’t know the SVN for fftrain, but for libtsdb it’s And I have some notes on creating a build environment for libtsdb if you need them.

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Hi Mike,
Thanks for replying. We’d be happy with FFTB for now as I’m using ACE 0.9.26 for ISF but the tree-banking is done with *-0.9.23 tools. We’re open to suggestions as what we really need is to create a gold profile of ~3000 sentences.

fftb uses libace, I think, when it is compiled, so you’d probably need to compile ACE first. I put some notes about compiling ACE on the wiki:

I don’t really know much more than that, though, so I think you’d need to pull Woodley in on this thread.