Calling special filler functions from matrixdef

Here’s the Person section calling fillnumbers function (defined in and then ultimately in matrix.js):

BeginIter person-subtype{i} “a Subtype”

Text name “Subtype {i} name” "Name: " “” 20

MultiSelect number “Subtype {i} number” " in the first person: " “”

EndIter person-subtype

Here’s me trying to call the same function from Other Features (I need to call a different one, but to start I am trying to call an existing one):

BeginIter fsupertype{b} "test a Supertype"
  MultiSelect test "test supertype {b} name" "test Supertype: " ""
EndIter fsupertype

My code fails to call the function (I inserted a javascript alert into it so I see that it is being called in the first block but not in the second). Can anyone see why?

The loop is to blame somehow…

If I simply say, on the Other Features page:

MultiSelect test “test supertype {b} name” "test Supertype: " “”

That calls fill_numbers. If I put it inside BeginIter, it stops working.

I still don’t know what is incorrect in the attempt above, but this works:

BeginIter form-subtype{i} “a Subtype for FORM”

Text name “Feature FORM Subtype {i} name” "Name: " “” 20

MultiSelect supertype “Form Subtype {i} supertype” " Supertype: " “”

EndIter form-subtype

(It is not the letter that I am using for index, {i} instead of a/b…)