Can PPs be modeled via the GM?

I slept in the house

or something like that.

I am assuming no (nothing in the GM is intended for this, including the case marking adpositions?) but wanted to double check.

It is currently possible to model clausal modifiers via the questionnaire but not simple PP modifiers (or simple adverbs, for that matter), is that right?

I am trying to see what is already there for me to build on for wh-questions and whether there is anything at this point which it would be trivial to add and increase coverage… Seems unfortunate that we can model:

The cats chased the dog when the dog chased the cats

and get a S -> PP attach to the first S, but not:

The cats chased the dogs at night.

There is not yet a library for adverbial modifiers other than Kristen’s clausal mods library. It’s on my wishlist, though :slight_smile:

I believe that the case library would handle the locative PP “in the house”, but you are right that there is no head-mod rule that will join the PP to the clause it modifies. The only types of modification that are currently handled are adjectives and clausal mods (which is defined as full verbal or nominalized clauses that modify verbal projections).

The problem isn’t the lack of a head-mod rule (since the one that attaches adjectives should serve just fine), but that the only adpositions provided by the customization system are semantically empty case-marking ones which are also [ MOD < > ].

The instructions here, for non-verbal predicates, get part of the way, but I don’t think I’ve ever focused on adverbials in 567 (aside from having students use the clausal mods library!).

I actually think not (I may be mistaken) because the way it is (it seems) you need to model nominative and accusative via adpositions, too, if you want locative to work that way? Am I right or wrong?