Canonical citation of ERG and MRS/DMRS LaTeX

what is the canonical citation for ERG?

What is the best way to add DMRS and MRS examples in LaTeX documents?

The citation source for the ERG from the newly published 20 year Grammar Matrix paper is:

English Resource Grammar \citep[ERG;][]{flickinger2000building,Flickinger:11}

With this bibtex source:

  title={On building a more efficient grammar by exploiting types},
  author={Flickinger, Dan},
  journal={Natural Language Engineering},

  author = {Flickinger, Dan},
  title = {Accuracy v. robustness in grammar engineering},
  booktitle = {Language from a Cognitive Perspective: Grammar, Usage and Processing},
  editor = {Bender, Emily M. and Arnold, Jennifer E.},
  address = {Stanford, CA},
  publisher = {CSLI Publications},
  year = 2011,
  pages = {31--50}

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I’m not sure what is “best”, but the following are pretty easy:

The Demo (delphin-viz) output can be saved as .png or .svg for MRS and .png, .svg, and .tex for DMRS.

For DMRS there’s also the dmrstikz codec of PyDelphin (now bundled with PyDelphin instead of being a plugin).

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For (D)MRS, you could also see what we did in the HPSG Handbook, chapter 25 here: Head-Driven Phrase Structure Grammar: The handbook | Language Science Press

Source here: 259/cl.tex at master · langsci/259 · GitHub

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