Change default database root

I looked a bit on the wiki, in the manual, and in 567 instructions but so far can’t locate the instructions: how to change which database root loads by default? Which file is this?

If you’re calling $LOGONROOT/bin/tsdb you can give it the -home option. You can also try setting the TSDB_HOME environment variable. I found this info in the TSNLP user manual Vol 2. In Lisp, this info is stored in the *tsdb-home* variable. You can also read some info in comments at the top of the Index.lisp file (e.g.,

So I am just using the LKB+[incr tsdb()] GUI. How exactly do I set the tsdb-home variable for it?

From the [incr tsdb()] podium: Options > Database Root
You may also need to change Options > Skeleton Root, if you want to create new profiles from skeletons within the GUI.

Oh, I mean, in order for the new root to become default? You probably explained that in your first response but I am still a bit unclear which file to edit and where it is located :).

It is documented here:

in your ~/.tsdbrc set

(tsdb:tsdb :home “/home/oe/src/itsdb/src/tsdb/home”)

Please also check the wiki for documentation, there is quite a lot there.

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@olzama sorry i missed the “by default” part

@bond thanks! I forgot about the .tsdbrc file. I think setting the TSDB_HOME environment variable in .bashrc would also work, assuming you open [incr tsdb()] from a bash shell, but your method is better.

Thanks, Francis! I tried to search the wiki but with no success (probably not the best query).