Chart mapping documentation

I am working with documentation on chart mapping and am thinking that it would be good if, right at the beginning, there was some summary statement as to why it even exists and is needed (hello, @EricZinda !)

Would it be fair to say that that info is contained in the following statement, from the middle of the paragraph:

This allows users to pass information of various preprocessing modules into the parser.



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You probably already looked at our 2008 LREC paper on chart mapping, which addresses that high-level goal:

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Yes, the paper says:

Large-scale grammar-based parsing systems nowadays increasingly rely on independently developed, more specialized components for pre-processing their input. However, different tools make conflicting assumptions about very basic properties such as tokenization. To make linguistic annotation gathered in pre-processing available to “deep” parsing, a hybrid NLP system needs to establish a coherent mapping between the two universes.

I propose that we include the above at the top of the wikipage. The link to the paper is very valuable but my goal is to make sure people don’t give up on the wiki page after they see the first sentence there.

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