Citations for ACE, ART, FFTB

Is there a canonical citation for ACE? Is the best thing to just link here: ACE: the Answer Constraint Engine? For FFTB: FftbTop - Deep Linguistic Processing with HPSG (DELPH-IN)? What about ART?

For ACE, I’ve been using:

title={Towards Efficient {HPSG} Generation for {G}erman, a Non-Configurational Language.},
author={Crysmann, Berthold and Packard, Woodley},

(Would appreciate being corrected if that’s wrong; I think adding the link would make sense either way).

The 2012 paper Olga mentioned is OK for ACE, although I think a footnote with the URL is much more common and probably more helpful for the reader. For FFTB, you can cite my masters thesis, which explains all about it. Sorry, I don’t have a BibTeX entry handy. There is no precedent for ART citation. If you want to do something, I would just put the URL in a footnote.


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Thanks both!

title={Full Forest Treebanking},
author={Packard, Woodley},
school={University of Washington},