Classic LKB logon setup error "unbound variable"

I have a grammar that I can load fine in LKB-FOS on my mac, but when I try to load it into “classic” LKB on ubuntu (where I have the [incr tsdb()] etc), I get:

Screen Shot 2022-05-02 at 11.37.34 AM

I know the classic logon setup is very old by now; has it become not usable with some grammars?

Which Ubuntu setup are you using? The latest Ubuntu+LKB virtual box appliance has LKB-FOS on it (and is working just fine with the pab grammar, if that’s what this is).

Right, in this case I am using the classic LKB (the logon setup). I will try LKB-FOS tomorrow. But this setup (the logon) has been working for me before, for my dissertation treebanking… So I am not sure what’s going on…

Files starting with the characters ._ are not visible by default on macOS. They are used by the OS to store metadata. On Linux they are visible so you’ll have to take care to avoid them. In this case load script not ._script

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Ah! Pfff. Thank you, @johnca !