Cloning from the Matrix repo


I would like to start helping with the open issues in the Grammar Matrix, though my only experience with the matrix is from Ling 567. On the Matrix Regression Testing page, I read that I need to first check out the matrix code. However, I don’t have permission, i.e.:

git clone
fatal: could not create work tree dir 'matrix': Permission denied

What would be the next step here (Emily suggested I post my question here!)

Hi Nathaniel,


git clone

Let me know if that helped? I guess maybe it won’t, because I can clone both ways… I was not aware that one needs privileges to clone the Matrix. We’ll sort it out…

no difference yet!

This isn’t GitHub refusing to let you clone, this is your computer refusing to let you write the cloned repository to disk. Make sure you are cloning in a directory where you have permission to write files, such as your home directory.

Also see this Stack Overflow question and the accepted answer:

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The problem seems to be in your computer. The system does not allow your account to create a directory.

Try to execute in the same folder the command

touch teste.tmp

If it fails, it is a confirmation that you don’t have write access in this folder. This command will try to create an empty file.

The reposirtory is public. I just confirm that I can clone it.

That solved it.

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