Compiling the latest ERG grammar for ACE: multibyte issues

I’ve finally got the login infrastructure installed on my MacBook using the docker container approach. Now I’m trying to compile the ERG that is included with

svn checkout logon

for ACE.

My first question is: is this the latest ERG grammar? The readme calls it a “a pre-release snapshot of the forthcoming 1214 version of the ERG”…

To compile a grammar to use with ACE, it appears that I need to use the logon/lingo/erg/ace/config.tdl file as input. But when I do this I get:

user@0eb762d34c69:$ ./ace -G ./test.dat -g ~/Enlistments/logon/lingo/erg/ace/config.tdl 
reading configuration       from `/home/user/Enlistments/logon/lingo/erg/ace/config.tdl'
reading types               from `/home/user/Enlistments/logon/lingo/erg/ace/../mtr.tdl'
multibyte decoding failed: Invalid or incomplete multibyte or wide character
on string `config übertag-emission-path'

Any suggestions on getting the latest grammar and compiling it for ACE?

Hi Eric,

1214 is far from the latest ERG. I believe 2018 is, which you can check out from

Regarding multibyte encoding with ACE, it would be tempting to take a look at environment variables such as LANG, which I would expect to have a value similar to en_US.utf8 …? Encoding issues when compiling released ERG versions using released ACE versions are not expected.