Constraining Aux to share HEAD features with complement

Moseten has a second position irrealis clitic that I’m treating as an auxiliary using Emily’s V2 analysis from the Wambaya paper. The verbs in subordinate clauses have special morphology that corresponds to subordination. I created a head feature called subord with subtypes purp, simul, etc. However, when the verb goes through COMP-HEAD with the auxiliary, it’s underspefied subord feature is passed up, so the information is lost. Is there a way to require the aux to match the HEAD features of its complement ? I suspect this isn’t identified because FORM is a HEAD feature and that often doesn’t match between auxiliary and verb. But I hope there is some option for this in customization that I don’t see.

I could create 4 versions of the auxiliary. One that says the aux is subord purp and its complement must be subord purp and so-forth for each type. But that seems really hacky.

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Alas no – but I think this is outside the scope of your library, so it’s fine to do it the hacky way and submit a ticket with the feature request to the trac :slight_smile:

Okay thanks. It makes sense for it to not happen automatically, but an option for various features to match would be nice! I’ll create a ticket.