Constraining order of head-opt-comp

I have an issue that I feel like I have run into before but don’t remember how to solve.

I have a language that is Verb-initial, but is flexible about SO vs OS ordering. So VSO and VOS are both possible. There is free complement dropping.

I have constrained head-opt-subj so that it only can occur with an COMPS < > on the daughter, so this has to apply high. My problem is that I can’t then constrain basic-head-opt-comp to apply high as well, so it can apply in two positions in some circumstances, generating spurious ambiguity. I think I need to require it to apply low but I don’t know how to do this. I need all the orders below:

(1) VSO
(2) VOS
(3) VS (dropped O)
(4) VO (dropped S)
(5) V (dropps S, O)

In cases like (4), I currently have head-opt-comp applying high (after the head-subj rule) and low (on the Verb, before the head-subj rule). Is there a way to tell head-opt-comp that it has to apply low?

You can constrain head-opt comp to SUBJ < [ ] > to require a non-empty subj list.

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