Convenient ways to parse a corpus into DM

What would be a convenient way to parse a corpus into the DM representation using an ERG-based parser? The ERG API does the job if I pass dm: sdp, but it is not suitable for parsing a large corpus. I read that I can use $LOGONROOT/www, but I’m encountering some errors running that. Before I open another thread to ask about those errors, I want to first make sure that this is indeed the easiest way to go.

In principle, it should be possible to parse a large corpus using ERG+ace and then export the resulting full structures to the DM format. I think that would involve going through a couple of steps, though, and you probably want to store the parser output in [incr tsdb()] profiles. Using art might help with this. Here’s documentation on ace:

Perhaps @sweaglesw can give us a pointer to info on art?

I couldn’t quickly turn up documentation on exporting to DM. If no one on here has a good answer, you can try emailing with that query.

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In there is an example of how to evoke the LOGON tool for converting between formats. I believe provide has also support for conversion between formats.

To complete this question. I was wrong, the mtool does not provide conversion to DM, but in Convert to DM · Issue #122 · delph-in/pydelphin · GitHub we have discussed that issue with pointers provided by Stephan.