Creating a SEMENT subclass of MRS in PyDelphin

I would like to create a class that inherits from delphin.mrs.MRS in PyDelphin called SSEMENT or SEMENT. The reason being that I need some sort of structure that keeps track of all the usual things in an MRS in addition to the list of holes and EQs (per the MRS algebra paper).

I’m not sure if it’s really appropriate to make this a subclass of MRS, but the MRS class already has almost everything that I want minus the holes list and the EQs list.

The purpose of this topic is to discuss whether something like this would make sense to have in the MRS package of PyDelphin and then also discuss design considerations of doing so.

Any thoughts would be appreciated!

I’m not sure if this would be best as a subclass of MRS or just sharing a common superclass. You might look into some other PyDelphin modules like delphin.sembase and delphin.scope to see if they have anything that might fit the problem.
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