DEADLY SIGNAL when expecting a SENT or SKIP header

I’m getting the following error when trying to a testsuite for an inferred grammar using art:

./art-0.1.9/art -a ‘/usr/local/ace/latest/ace -g ./output/grammars/erk/erk4/ace/erk4.dat’ ./output/processed/erk/erk4/
reading results for 0 out of sync; arbiter sent ‘ERROR: DEADLY SIGNAL! sent = `rakai=to puserek asel-e-n i=piatlak wak i=skei’’ when expecting a SENT or SKIP header.
failed to read result for 0

Is there a problem with my item file? These are the first two lines:
0@@@@-1@@rakai=to puserek asel-e-n i=piatlak wak i=skei@@@@1@6@3D.PS=PROG talk friend-V-3S.DP 3S.RS=have pig 3S.RS=one // They talked with his friend. He had a pig.@@
10@@@@-1@@wak nen i=pi wak nmatu@@@@1@5@pig that 3S.RS=be pig woman // The pig was a female pig.@@

It looks like ACE crashed trying to parse the first sentence in your profile. Have you tried parsing that sentence interactively, i.e. without art?

The sentence parses interactively. Actually, I think this has something to do with hitting my storage limit on patas. I deleted something big and it seems to be processing the profile now. Thanks!