Delphin-viz / INDRA


@davidmoeljadi points out that the INDRA demo is down here:

Does anyone remember where that was hosted / can anyone work out where the demo page is expecting it to be hosted? I have a dim memory that it’s UW, and if so, would like to help get it going again.


All the UW grammars are hosted at using the now-deprecated bottlenose server (but I think the old code is using an old version of PyDelphin, so it seems to be working for other grammars).

The Demophin site still works for INDRA:

The delphin-viz demo uses the same grammar as Demophin. I just confirmed that I was able to log into the chimpanzee server and there was no problem parsing something from the command line. In the browser I saw some cross-origin (CORS) error for INDRA but not for other grammars, which is strange. I didn’t see much in the Apache2 error logs (as in, they were nearly empty; I wonder if these requests are not being logged in the normal place, or at all?).

That’s all the time I have for now to investigate the issue, but maybe Brandon can dig up more.

Since the delphin-viz demo can point to any server, I suggest David to host INDRA on a server he controls. I’ve happily responded to his many requests over the years to update the grammar for the demo, but I’m finding it more of a burden now that I don’t regularly use the UW infrastructure.

Many thanks, @goodmami! @davidmoeljadi, while we (I hope) can debug the present situation at UW, I don’t think we can take over the grammar updates. Is moving to a different server feasible?

Thank you very much, @Emily M. Bender and especially to @Michael Wayne Goodman who helped me update the grammar for the demo!
Yes, actually the best way is to host the demo on a server that I can control so that I can update it anytime I want. I will try to find a way to move to a different server.