Delphin.web client usage example

For this example from here Walkthrough of PyDelphin Features — PyDelphin 1.9.1 documentation

from delphin.web import client
response = client.parse('Abrams chased Browne', params={'mrs': 'json'})
<MRS object (proper_q named chase_v_1 proper_q named) at 139897112151488>

Anything else is needed for it to work? I am currently getting empty results lists whatever I try to parse. Perhaps something is missing, like a parameter with some necessary paths/info?

UiO’s LOGON ERG demo is the default server for delphin.web.client. Unfortunately, the LOGON demo appears to be down (see the error message at the bottom of

The UW server that runs Demo (delphin-viz) is up and working, but whenever I try to call it from PyDelphin, it hangs. I’m not sure why.

An alternative is to start up a server yourself, which may be fine for a demo. If you just want to parse, all you need is a file like this:

import falcon

from delphin.web import server

application = falcon.API()

    parser='~/delphin/erg-2018.dat',  # adjust path accordingly

You’ll need an environment with PyDelphin with the web extra and a server like Gunicorn installed:

$ pip install "pydelphin[web]" gunicorn

Then you can run the server:

$ gunicorn wsgi  # leave off the .py

Then in Python you can do this (change the port number if gunicorn reports something different from 8000):

>>> from delphin.web import client
>>> client.parse("Abrams chased Browne.", server="http://localhost:8000/", params={"mrs": "json"})
Response({'input': 'Abrams chased Browne.', 'readings': 1, 'results': [{'result-id': 0, 'mrs': {'top': 'h0', 'index': 'e2', 'relations': [{'label': 'h4', 'predicate': 'proper_q', 'arguments': {'ARG0': 'x3', 'RSTR': 'h5', 'BODY': 'h6'}, 'lnk': {'from': 0, 'to': 6}}, {'label': 'h7', 'predicate': 'named', 'arguments': {'CARG': 'Abrams', 'ARG0': 'x3'}, 'lnk': {'from': 0, 'to': 6}}, {'label': 'h1', 'predicate': '_chase_v_1', 'arguments': {'ARG0': 'e2', 'ARG1': 'x3', 'ARG2': 'x9'}, 'lnk': {'from': 7, 'to': 13}}, {'label': 'h10', 'predicate': 'proper_q', 'arguments': {'ARG0': 'x9', 'RSTR': 'h11', 'BODY': 'h12'}, 'lnk': {'from': 14, 'to': 21}}, {'label': 'h13', 'predicate': 'named', 'arguments': {'CARG': 'Browne', 'ARG0': 'x9'}, 'lnk': {'from': 14, 'to': 21}}], 'constraints': [{'relation': 'qeq', 'high': 'h0', 'low': 'h1'}, {'relation': 'qeq', 'high': 'h5', 'low': 'h7'}, {'relation': 'qeq', 'high': 'h11', 'low': 'h13'}], 'variables': {'e2': {'type': 'e', 'properties': {'SF': 'prop', 'TENSE': 'past', 'MOOD': 'indicative', 'PROG': '-', 'PERF': '-'}}, 'x3': {'type': 'x', 'properties': {'PERS': '3', 'NUM': 'sg', 'IND': '+'}}, 'h5': {'type': 'h'}, 'h6': {'type': 'h'}, 'x9': {'type': 'x', 'properties': {'PERS': '3', 'NUM': 'sg', 'IND': '+'}}, 'h11': {'type': 'h'}, 'h12': {'type': 'h'}, 'h0': {'type': 'h'}, 'h1': {'type': 'h'}, 'h7': {'type': 'h'}, 'h13': {'type': 'h'}, 'h4': {'type': 'h'}, 'h10': {'type': 'h'}}}}], 'tcpu': 15, 'pedges': 79})
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