Diagramming multiple inheritance with trees in LaTeX


Does anyone have experience making trees that show multiple inheritance in LaTeX? Something along these lines:


I’m not sure how they got the converging lines that lead to ‘Su-Wh-Rel’ and ‘That-Rel.’ Anyone done this before?



You can use the forest package for trees. Since it’s Tikz-based, you can just \draw the other lines later. Here’s what I do for the variable hierarchy:

% preamble:
% body
    \draw (p) -- (x) (i) -- (x);
  \caption{Variable hierarchy}

Resulting in the following:

The [,phantom] nodes are just empty nodes to help with spacing. If I remove them (and make the x node a child of the i node) it looks like this:


Thanks! Forest looks like a much better package to use than what I was doing.