DM dependency relation representation

I recently read the Who Did What to Whom? A Contrastive Study of Syntacto-Semantic Dependencies paper* [link], and was wondering how to get DM (or another CoNLL-like format) output from the ERG. I can get MRS and EDS output using the redwoods script in the LOGON tree like so:

./redwoods --binary --erg --default --composite --target /tmp \
           --export mrs,eds --active all \

but redwoods doesn’t seem to support the DM format, nor do I see it in the [incr tsdb()] documentation. I’m pretty new to this HPSG world, so I’d appreciate a few pointers! thank you!

* the paper says the conversion software would be made available, but the link it provides doesn’t seem to exist; does anyone know where to find it??

Hi! For more information on this, please see and contact the developers via the contact info there.

Hi @ebender, thank you. Bruno (@odanoburu) works with me. We wrote to the email listed in the contact page of the website.

I found a script and PDF in the folder logon/uio/dtm, it may be relevant. Actually, the file converter.pdf contains some description about the format This format is not precisely defined in any page of the wiki, right? Another interesting file is the logon/lingo/lkb/src/tsdb/lisp/sdp.lisp, it has a comment transient pseudo-export for DM conversion ??

In the erg/etc/ I found a file named dm.cfg but I don’t have any idea what tool or script uses this file. Maybe @Dan can help?! :wink: