DMRS generation from MRS in LKB

Hi @johnca , I am getting error for some sentences when I try to produce the DMRS using our Portuguese Grammar:

debugger invoked on a TYPE-ERROR @5388B4FE in thread #<THREAD "DMRS" RUNNING {104088AC53}>: The value -2 is not of type SB-INT:INDEX when binding SB-IMPL::START

The current thread is not at the foreground,
SB-THREAD:RELEASE-FOREGROUND has to be called in #<SB-THREAD:THREAD "main thread" RUNNING {1000F90143}>
for this thread to enter the debugger.


Any idea?

Hi @arademaker , this has all the hallmarks of an incorrect call to the CL subseq function with a negative second argument. In their wisdom, the implementors of Franz Allegro CL decided not signal to an error in this case, but SBCL (and therefore LKB-FOS) does. I think you’ve provoked the bug by having a predicate that’s only 2 characters long, which is shorter than the convention in most current DELPH-IN grammars. I’ll email you a patch for you to try out; if it works I’ll integrate the fix into the next release of LKB-FOS.

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The patch worked.