Ellipses in coordinations


A recent paper in the UD workshop, https://www.aclweb.org/anthology/W18-6012, compares a data-driven approach and rule-based approach for adding enhanced dependencies to existing treebanks in Universal Dependencies. My impression is that ERG can produce already a representation even richer and the Enhanced Dependencies or at least, comparable, right? That was the case for the examples a and b from Figure 1. But for example c from Figure 1 the output of ERG was very strange: “Sam fixed lunch and Kim dinner.”. In the MRS-Derived Semantic Dependencies (DM) output from http://erg.delph-in.net/logon, the output didn’t reveal the expected relation between Kim as subj of the elliptical event ‘fixed’ and its obj dinner. Is my interpretation right? Is it a problem in ERG?


In principle, yes, much of what EUD calls for is available in the ERG’s analyses. It’s phenomenon by phenomenon though and you picked a particularly tricky one (gapping) that’s not in the 1214 release. I know Dan’s been working on it though. Maybe it’ll be in 2018?