Error on generating with latest LKB-FOS

Hi @johnca and others,

I’m starting off this year’s Ling 567 and just testing with the English grammar from this choices file:

As generated by the current live version of the Matrix:

And using the Ubuntu+LKB image that @bmgraves generated last week using the latest (I believe) LKB-FOS.

Parsing works well, but when I try parsing “The cat dances” and then selecting “Generate” from the menu on the tree, I get the following error:

“WARNING: The value “cat” is not of type LKB:RULE”

This is with the lui running. I’ll try without and report back.

Without the LUI, I don’t get the warning, but I also don’t get any strings. Just a window that pops up and says “No strings generated”.

And I just confirmed that the grammar should be able to generate back “the cat dances” by doing it with ace.

Hi @ebender Thanks for emailing me the grammar. In short, you can get the expected behaviour by adding the following to lkb/globals.lsp:

(defparameter *gen-start-symbol* '(root))

This would then agree with the ace config.tdl file, which contains

generation-roots := root.

Longer explanation: the LKB default for *gen-start-symbol* is sign, which leads to even bare lexical entries being considered as potential generator results. This triggers an error since the LKB doesn’t expect to consider a lexical entry as a potential result. I’ll fix this in the next release.

Thank you, @johnca !