Error with matrix and type 'basic-one-arg'

Not sure if this is a symptom of me having done something wrong or if I came upon another bug in the matrix after squashing the previous one… but I get this error now when trying to compile some grammars:

tdl: no such type as `basic-one-arg'
tdl: top-level error occured near /overflow_projects/ecconrad/201201_0619/grammars/yaq/yaq1/ace/../yaq.tdl:122
out of sync; arbiter sent 'this does not appear to be a grammar image.' when expecting a SENT or SKIP header.
failed to read result for 0

This is what it’s referring to:

noun-lex := basic-noun-lex & basic-one-arg & no-hcons-lex-item & non-mod-lex-item &
                                 [ LOCAL.CAT.HEAD det ] >,
                           COMPS < >,
                           SUBJ < >,
                           SPEC < > ],
    ARG-ST < #spr > ].

Also, I’ve found that in grammars that don’t have this error, when parsing with ART it will hang for a seemingly infinite amount of time on some sentences… not sure if I should open a new topic for this or not, but I had a script running for about 5 hours and I checked on it because usually they finish by then and it was stuck on a sentence in the middle of the first fold.

What happens when you try to load one of those grammars with the LKB (or just do the step of compiling it with ace)? There might be somewhat more informative error messages there.

basic-one-arg should no longer be found anywhere; I wonder what is adding it as a supertype? I can find no mention of if anywhere in my version of the Matrix (neither in the core nor in the customization system).

If you search through all the Matrix files (not the grammar though), can you find any place where basic-one-arg is mentioned?

When I load the grammars in the LKB and try to parse the sentences that hang in ace I get a memory allocation error.

I tried to parse the individual sentence with ace (i.e. without running the entire test profile) and I get an error that says “unable to launch yzlui!” and then nothing happens, even for sentences that parse in the LKB with only a few trees.

Which version of the LKB are you using - ‘classic’ LKB or LKB-FOS? If you could email me the grammar and failing sentences then I’ll look into this.

That sounds like you are trying to use ACE with -l to launch LUI, but don’t have an appropriate ‘yzlui’ executable on your $PATH. It should be possible to confirm functionality for these sentences using just command-line operation, i.e. leaving -l off the invocation. Mac or Linux?

Yes that worked on the Linux VM I’m using.

But when I tried the same thing on Mac I get this error:

dlopen: dlopen(/var/folders/hx/3zv6dt_n0zlfg8kpb5rd65qr0000gn/T//, 2): no suitable image found.  Did find:
	/var/folders/hx/3zv6dt_n0zlfg8kpb5rd65qr0000gn/T// unknown file type, first eight bytes: 0x7F 0x45 0x4C 0x46 0x02 0x01 0x01 0x00
	/private/var/folders/hx/3zv6dt_n0zlfg8kpb5rd65qr0000gn/T/ unknown file type, first eight bytes: 0x7F 0x45 0x4C 0x46 0x02 0x01 0x01 0x00

That’s a really weird error that I have not seen before. My best guess (likely wrong) is it indicates the grammar image wasn’t built properly for the platform on which it’s being used. Were there any interesting messages when compiling the grammar? Is that on the newly release OS 11, and/or the newly released Mac with ARM cpu? In the latter event I guess it’s possible the quick check extractor got compiled as an ARM library while the ACE executable is x86, and the system didn’t expect to be asked to cross-link those? Just rambling… I don’t even know if those machines are available yet? :slight_smile: