FFTB: 500 unable to read TSDB home directory

Hi @sweaglesw this is really an fftb question, but we don’t have a tag for that.

Emily treebanked a profile using fftb, and I have since moved it to a different location. Now neither of us can open it-- we get this error in the browser: “500 unable to read TSDB home directory”

I suspect that something failed to copy when I moved the profile, but I’m not sure where to begin looking. The profile looks healthy to me but I could easily be missing something. Is it possible to get a more detailed error message?

Kind of surprising. Is there anything printed to the terminal when that happens?

This is what’s printed in the terminal:
listening on
should GET /private/
should GET /favicon.ico

That error message appears to indicate that the scandir() system call returned an error when trying to enumerate the contents of the profile directory you gave it. It happens before FFTB even tries to read any of the files. There’s not a lot of ways this can fail. All I can think of is a permissions issue. What do you get with ls -la my-profile ? I can only find two ways to reproduce the error message you are seeing at my end: chmod a-r my-profile and giving FFTB a profile path that doesn’t actually exist.

Incidentally (or maybe relatedly?), if the 3 lines you included are all that FFTB is printing, you may have failed or forgotten to include an option to specify the grammar to use, which would typically be -g my-grammar.dat or similar. Normally FFTB will print a message indicating the grammar it is using.

Thanks Woodley! It was a permissions issue. I had rw permissions, but not x. It’s working now.