Fftb on ubuntu - follow up

A couple more questions about fftb on linux, now that I’ve got it working:

  1. When I hit an example with no parses, instead of showing me “0 remaining” or something like that, I get a 404 page (just text saying “404 no stored forest found for this item”), and then have to back up to the main list and try the next item. This makes it really hard to treebank, since I can’t guess which items have parses and which will give me a 404 if I click on them. I don’t remember this behavior in the past … is there something I’m doing wrong?

  2. In these profiles, we’ve stored the gloss & translation of the items in the “comment” field of the item file. I think I remember this info being displayed in fftb, which is extremely helpful since we’re working with languages we don’t speak. Without the IGT, treebanking is impossible. But it’s not showing up now. Should the comment field be displayed?

@sweaglesw – if it helps, I can provide you with the grammar + profile (for Abui) where this is happening.

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The issue of running into 404 for unparseable items is a long standing issue. There is a work-around, however. If you supply a command-ilne option of the form:

fftb -i "1,2,5,6,7,101,102,142"

then FFTB will only show (and only navigate through) the item IDs supplied. The item delimiter can be commas or whitespace. People have used that in the past to make the unparseable items disappear. This can be made fairly painless with a commandline like this:

fftb .... -i `tsdb -home mrs -query 'select i-id from edge'`

I don’t recall the item comment field ever being displayed in FFTB, and I don’t see any evidence of it on the code. What is displayed is the t-comment field for the tree record. It would probably be straightforward to copy the item i-comment field over to the tree t-comment field, which would result in it being displayed in the comment box in FFTB, and we may have done that as a stopgap at some point in the past. What you really want though is something that would format the IGT nicely with the sentence, and I’m pretty sure that has never existed in FFTB.

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Thanks Woodley – that is very helpful about the 404 error!

As for the other thing, while nicely formatted IGT would be nice, I’m fairly sure we were just bumbling along with the long strings. Perhaps the t-comment hack was what we did and I think we could replicate that again with this hint.

What does mrs stand for in that command? If I try it literally, I get:

bdir ../acetools/assets/ tsdb/home/pab-sov/treebanked/ -i `tsdb -home mrs -query 'select i-id from edge'`
find_relations_file(): unable to open `/home/olzama/delphin/jlm-2022/mrs/relations' [2].
grammar image: pab-sov/ace/grammar.dat
fftb: option requires an argument -- 'i'
usage:  fftb -g grammar.dat [--gold profile_path [--auto]] [--browser [firefox]] [--webdir web_path] profile_path

I am assuming I should customize the command but I don’t know how.

That ‘mrs’ is the identifier of the profile you are querying with the ‘tsdb’ command (the value to be assigned to `-home’). The identifier can be a path, or if you invoke the command while in the immediate parent directory, just the name of the profile, as in the example above.

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thank you, @Dan !