FORM validation for unit testing

Is it intended to be the case that in a choices file, if there is has-aux, that there must be form-fin-nf? Should it be possible the opposite be true (that there is form-fin-nf without has-aux)?

You can have form without auxiliaries (if you use the latest version of the GM, at least). What is not possible is having auxiliaries but not having a FORM hierarchy.

Should the matrix flag as invalid a grammar with form sub-types but no FORM hierarchy?

I would think that yes (as in, validation should post an error or a warning in this case), but Olga is probably in a better position to give a definitive answer.

It sounds like it? Why would you have subtypes only and no form supertype?

Could you give a specific example (like a [fragment of the] choices file)?

Having the subtypes without form-fin-nf being on would be a user error, but it doesn’t seem to break the matrix.


Ah! You are saying, in the following case, the validation does not complain about the unchecked box?

…or rather, the box does not get checked automatically. Yes, this is a bug I think, it should probably get checked automatically.

But the validation should also catch this. I will file a bug.