"generation counter overflowed" error message

What does the “generation counter overflowed!” error message means in ACE?

Hi Olga,

That means a counter used in ACE to avoid having to do some expensive work clearing temporary storage structures ran past the maximum integer that could be stored in 32 bits. It probably means you parsed a very large number of sentences in a single ACE session? You can proceed at your own risk after getting that message, with behavior likely to be fine but possibly incorrect. The recommended procedure would be to restart ACE and continue wherever you left off. I would not expect it to happen on parsing a single sentence? What is the context?


It happens in the same context as running out of RAM. I am using a lot of RAM though, so, cannot increase anymore. But the number of items in the corpus is not large at all, up to a couple hundred sentences. The sentences are “long” (over 12 words), and I haven’t seen this issue on sentences shorter than 12 words.