Generation counter overflowed!

I am getting the following parsing a sentence in ace (through art):
out of sync; arbiter sent ‘generation counter overflowed!’ when expecting a SENT or SKIP header.

I have the --max-chart-megabytes and --max-unpack-megabytes cranked way up, but I don’t think that’s the issue. Can I increase the generation counter?

I will look at exactly what happens in this condition a little later. For now: no, there is nothing you can do with settings to make this go away. Roughly speaking, it means 4 billion unifications were attempted since ACE was started. This is a fairy rare condition. From memory, I think ACE has a way to handle the overflow and move on with life, but it looks like at a minimum there is a formatting issue that is confusing ART.

In the meantime: if this is single sentence being parsed, might there be a grammar problem causing infinite loops? 4 billion unifications for a single sentence seems like a lot — although maybe possible for a long sentence in a grammar with a lot of rules if quick check is not configured properly. If not, is it part of an extremely long test suite that you could break up?

Thanks Woodley. Yes, I suspect this is due to the same underlying grammar issue here: ERROR: found a frozen edge #234984 (not packed) in the root cell!

I thought it might not be infinite because I can parse both halves of the sentence, but not the whole thing— it is a very long sentence. I’ll look into that and follow up.

If not, is it part of an extremely long test suite that you could break up?
Do you mean test suite or test sentence? I have broken up the test suite, so this is the first one in the item file.