Going to be posting "Docs:" questions to gather information for beefing up our documentation

As part of our effort at filling in the documentation, I’m working at pulling together a section of the docs that describes the intricacies of the MRS, focused on developers who want to build apps using it. As I hit areas that I don’t feel like I can describe well (e.g. underspecified variables), I plan on posting questions on this forum to help me fill in the gaps.

I’ll prefix these with “Docs:” in the title so folks know that I’m gathering information that I’ll ultimately put in the docs (after reviews, etc). I’ll try to keep my questions to a single topic so things don’t get too tangled up.

Just wanted to give everyone a heads up to explain why the volume is increasing, but also to let
everyone know that this will be an opportunity to contribute to beefing up our docs!