Grammar loading in LKB but not ACE

I have a grammar that loads in the LKB, but not in ACE. I am getting the following error:

reading configuration from ./output/grammars/abz/ace/config.tdl' grammar version abui (2019-08-15_00:10:56_UTC) reading grammar from./output/grammars/abz/ace/…/abui-pet.tdl’
reading types from ./output/grammars/abz/ace/../head-types.tdl' reading types from./output/grammars/abz/ace/…/matrix.tdl’
reading types from ./output/grammars/abz/ace/../abui.tdl' reading types from./output/grammars/abz/ace/…/mtr.tdl’
reading lexical entries from ./output/grammars/abz/ace/../lexicon.tdl' reading rules from./output/grammars/abz/ace/…/rules.tdl’
reading lexical rules from ./output/grammars/abz/ace/../lrules.tdl' reading lexical rules from./output/grammars/abz/ace/…/irules.tdl’
reading instance from ./output/grammars/abz/ace/../labels.tdl' reading instance from./output/grammars/abz/ace/…/roots.tdl’
checking for glbs… 0.21 sec
processing constraints… 0.15 sec
processing rules 1 ms
processing lex-rules 7 ms
reading irregular forms from …/
processing lexicon… tdl: requested unification failed
unify failed at path:
might have been trying to unify types “mia” + “ming”
lhs: “mia”
rhs: “ming”
hint: listify failed
hint: structify -> rdagify failed
hint: dagify failed
tdl: top-level error occured near ./output/grammars/abz/ace/…/lexicon.tdl:1806

Here is the relevant tdl:
;;; Case-marking adpositions
in-marker := case-marking-adp-lex &
[ STEM < “mia” & “ming” >,
CLAUSE-KEY #clause ],
ICONS <! !> ],
CASE-MARKED + ] ] ].

Any ideas what the problem is?

That looks like a customization bug to me. The & in the middle of the ORTH value doesn’t make sense. This looks like it’s supposed to be two separate entries with the same constraints but different spellings.

Indeed—I wonder what the LKB interprets that to mean? What do you see for STEM if you ask LKB to show you the AVM for in-marker?

To ACE, distinct strings are never unifiable.


Thanks both! If I do “view” -> “Lex entry…” and enter “in-marker” in the LKB, it says that the lexical entry is not defined (I double checked that I could produce the avm for another adposition “loc-marker”. So it seems the LKB is just ignoring this lexical entry when it loads the grammar, where ACE throws an error. Good to know!

I’ll follow up re: the customization error.

Hmm, that’s not the behaviour I get with the LKB in analogous situations. When I try to view or use such an entry, a message such as the following is printed:

Unifications specified are invalid or do not unify
Structure for … could not be created

Could you email me your grammar so I can investigate? Thanks.

You’re right, John. The LKB does give a warning message like the one you described. It goes ahead and loads the grammar without breaking, but it does warn you that the type was not created. My apologies, I missed the error message among some trigger rule error messages that I was ignoring.