"grilled(e, i, x)" introduced event properties questions

In the ERG, “where is the grilled salmon?” generates the predication _grill_v_1(e, i, x) and specifies some properties of its introduced event variable:

e13 [ e SF: prop TENSE: untensed MOOD: indicative PROG: bool PERF: - ]

This is the first time I’ve noticed the tense setting untensed. Is this just a way of saying this isn’t being used like a verb at all? I believe I’ve also seen tensed as a setting, but can’t find the phrase. I’d love to know what that means as well …

It is also the first time I’ve seen PROG: bool. I thought it as supposed to be + or -, is this just a bug?

[ "where is the grilled salmon?"
  TOP: h0
  INDEX: e2 [ e SF: ques TENSE: pres MOOD: indicative PROG: - PERF: - ]
  RELS: < [ loc_nonsp<0:5> LBL: h1 ARG0: e2 ARG1: x3 [ x PERS: 3 NUM: sg ] ARG2: x4 [ x PERS: 3 NUM: sg ] ]
          [ place_n<0:5> LBL: h5 ARG0: x4 ]
          [ which_q<0:5> LBL: h6 ARG0: x4 RSTR: h7 BODY: h8 ]
          [ _the_q<9:12> LBL: h9 ARG0: x3 RSTR: h10 BODY: h11 ]
          [ _grill_v_1<13:20> LBL: h12 ARG0: e13 [ e SF: prop TENSE: untensed MOOD: indicative PROG: bool PERF: - ] ARG1: i14 ARG2: x3 ]
          [ _salmon_n_1<21:27> LBL: h12 ARG0: x3 ] >
  HCONS: < h0 qeq h1 h7 qeq h5 h10 qeq h12 >
  ICONS: < e13 topic x3 > ]

bool is the underspecification of + and -. That basically says there’s no information here about progressive aspect. I think untensed similarly means no information about tense.

Great, thank you. I’ve also seen properties like PROG just be missing, so I thought that was the indicator for underspecified, like it is with NUM for example

I’m not sure what post-processing steps might strip underspecified properties. In terms of the underlying feature structures, the feature are always there on types that they are appropriate for, even if underspecified.

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