Help staring at MRS

I am looking at the gold result for an information structure regression test. This is an SVO language with clause-final focus:


For the sentence PN TV CN, the gold has the following 5 trees:

Screen Shot 2020-09-22 at 11.56.36 AM

The double-NP is narrow focus. The S over VP is subject extraction. The VP at the left edge is the information structure special head-complement phrase. The final tree is the canonical SVO tree.

Here’s the MRS for these 5 trees:

Am I right in thinking that this is essentially just two different structures:


and the rest is spurious?

In particular, MRS #2–3 have x3 which is not connected to anything. MRS#5 has a weird double ICONS.

So, getting rid of those three MRS should probably be counted as improvement?

With the staring method, I reach the same conclusion as you. MRSs 2 and 3 are disconnected, and 5 has the same ICONS twice. The world would be ever so slightly better without them in it.

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