How can I delete the ERG profiles

Is there a quick way to delete all of the erg profiles from logon distribution (as opposed to clicking and deleting each one in [incr tsdb()]? I am running into memory problems on my VM. Alternatively is there a portion of the logon distribution I can delete without causing problems?

Deleting them in the file system? Like from where the database root points.

I believe there was a way to start [incr tsdb()] without preloading all the ERG profiles. We tried this a long time ago to speed up the Matrix regression tests when it was still based on lisp calls through LOGON. I think you need to set the tsdb-home and tsdb-skeletons variables before loading [incr tsdb()].

See here:

Thanks both. I couldn’t find them in the place where the database root points, but I found them in logon/lingo/erg/tsdb and was able to delete them.

…and the database/skeletons root can be permanently changed in the file ~/.tsdbrc

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