How to increase unpacking edge allowance in the LKB-FOS?

Can I increase that? I don’t see it in the Options->Set options menu.

I searched in the grammar lkb files but didn’t find anything (and I am not sure where the documentation is; I think it is supposed to be in the book, which I do not have here).

Screenshot from 2023-12-05 12-58-30

Yes, you can increase the unpacking edge allowance, by entering something like the following at the LKB command line prompt:

(setq *unpack-edge-allowance* 10000)

The variable isn’t mentioned in Implementing Typed Feature Structure Grammars since it post-dates the book. You can get documentation for it by entering

(documentation '*unpack-edge-allowance* 'variable)

It’s not in the ‘Set options’ dialog since you’d probably only need to increase it if either (1) you’re parsing long sentences with a resource grammar in all-parses mode, or (2) there’s something in your grammar that gives rise to a lot of local ambiguity but a large proportion of the possibilities are globally inconsistent.

I think you can just set it directly in lisp:

(setf unpack-edge-allowance 5000)

You may have to specify the package, something like:

(setf lkb::unpack-edge-allowance 5000)