Indicating pronouns in GM lexicon page

The lexicon page has a “this is a pronoun” check box for nouns (which adds the choice pron=on). From grepping the linglib it looks like this choice is primarily used by the adnominal possession library.

I’m trying to get a sense of what this choice is used for to decide if I should add it to the inferred pronouns in inferred (AGGREGATION-style) grammars. Does anyone know if it’s used for anything else during customization?

I’m fairly sure it’s from the adnominal possession library and so used only for that so far, but you can check by (a) looking for anything else in the customization code that references it and/or (b) looking at commit logs to see when it was introduced :slight_smile:

Also to add pronouns to the lexicon!

From customize_nouns in


Thanks both. I guess I’m really wondering if pronouns are treated differently than other nouns (eg. they are automatically SPR < > or something like that). But it looks like they’re not. You’re right Emily, Elizabeth did introduce the feature, so it couldn’t have been used for anything prior to the adnom poss library.

Not that, but they do get the PRON + on their head…

Right- thanks! And it looks like PRON + is just used by adnom poss rules. So my guess is that adding pron = on to the pronoun types won’t break anything… it’ll just add a feature to the grammar that isn’t used (yet).