Installing a 'sandbox' copy

I’m trying to install a sandbox copy of the Grammar Matrix customization system (to test out some suggested patches to speed up the page rendering with large choices files – yay!), and I’m stuck.

When I try this command: -C gmcs install

it asks for my patas username and then password … and then takes a long time apparently doing nothing. Nothing else is printed to STDOUT (unlike with the ‘vivify’ command), and I can’t see that it actually installs anything anywhere. (Though I may not be looking at the correct URL, either.)

@olzama , I think you’ve done this most recently. Do you recall how it’s done? Thanks!


I remember this. There was some kind of problem with some security measures (?) taking longer and longer and longer and longer; I had alerted Brandon about this but I don’t remember what the conclusion was. I think it has to do with it running “fixing permissions” script at the very end.

Last time, I think I just put a copy on patas manually but when I tried to do it just now I got an Internal Server error… I think we will have to ask Brandon about this.

Actually, you could try just waiting for a while. I just did this:

  1. copied a sandbox manually
  2. ran sudo /home/www-matrix/ manually
  • and got my sandbox working. The fixperm script took some time but not prohibitively long.
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