Lexical entry filtered out? How to understand why?

My newest problem debugging the updated SRG :).

In the SRG updated with new Freeling tags and token mapping and lexical filtering, I lose the gold parse for La ventana se abrió. (‘The window opened.’)

In the old reference grammar, I can see the gold parse:

Screen Shot 2023-01-10 at 2.28.47 PM

With the new grammar, I believe what I am missing is the desired lexical entry for se, SE_PR. The only one I get in the new chart is SE_PR_I, which means impersonal rather than reflexive. The verb abrió does not want that, it wants the reflexive one.

Running ACE with --vv, I can confirm that the lexeme is found:

lexical lookup found lexeme 'se_pr'
lexical lookup found lexeme 'se_pr-i'
generated #520 1/1 from #232, #9 for [2-3] with rule p03cn00: se
generated #521 1/1 from #232, #10 for [2-3] with rule p03cn00: se
lexical edge #520 le 0x7f907e470100 vtx [2-3] lexeme 'se_pr'
lexical edge #521 le 0x7f907e470df8 vtx [2-3] lexeme 'se_pr-i'
finished lexical parsing
finished lexical filtering
added lexeme `el_d' = #516  [0-1]
added lexeme `ventana_n' = #517  [1-2]
added lexeme `se_pr-i' = #521  [2-3]
added lexeme `abrir_vprn-pp_e_cp_p' = #523  [3-4]

So, the desired lexical entry disappears after lexical filtering, looks like? Or could it be the “lexical parsing” stage as well?..

I checked the lexical item for SE_PR, and I do not think it underspecifies TRAITS or anything like that; it ultimately inherits from lex-item which is properly amended in tmt.tdl.

Anyone could help me understand what is going on? Many thanks in advance.