"Lexicon not open for reading"

I know I’ve seen this before but I forgot how to fix this and cannot find anything in the wiki or here.

What does the following error indicate and how to fix it:

Screenshot from 2021-11-16 17-00-10

For full context, when I was loading the grammar, I saw another error:

The message “Error: … is directory present and writable?” is in response to the LKB finding that it can’t write to /home/olga/tmp. Have you created this directory? See the note in LkbFos > Installation about creating a directory for temporary files, and the more detailed instructions in LkbInstallation > Manual Installation

Thank you, John! Now I remember I had to create the directory in the past, on the previous computer.

(I note that the current LkbFos Installation page is almost self-sufficient; perhaps we should add the tmp/ detail there as well?)

Good idea; there’s not much for the user to do to complete the LKB-FOS installation, so the instructions for doing that might as well be all together in one place. I’ll edit the LkbFos Installation section accordingly.

@olzama I’ve rewritten the Installation section. Please let me know if you think anything could be explained better.