, libdb-4.2 error starting logon on ubuntu 16.04

I am trying to set up logon for regression testing of the Grammar Matrix, using VirtualBox and ubuntu 16.04 (note: things seem to be working finr on ubuntu 14.04). After following all the setup steps as outlined here, I can run the regression tests fine, however, I can’t start logon from emacs. I am getting the following error:

What is the correct way for getting rid of these errors?

Are you starting emacs from within an environment where the the DELPHIN environment variables have been started?

if [ -f ${LOGONROOT}/dot.bashrc ]; then
. ${LOGONROOT}/dot.bashrc

If you start emacs from the menu this is not the case, if you start a terminal and start emacs from within the terminal then it should work.

Meta: I also worry about fragmentation — if this fix works, I would like to see it also on the DLEPH-IN wiki, …

Yes, emacs seems to be set up as above. And on ubuntu 14.04 there is no problem.

(The comprehensive wiki instructions should be updated, but this forum is supposed to help with easily discoverable solutions to specific problems… I understand the fragmentation concern but I still want to experiment with this for at least a little while).

The above set up is for .bash, the question is whether emacs is then seeing it, …

Can you check if you have the files in logon?

bond@mori:~$ locate

and then maybe check your environment variables inside emacs?
^h v initial-environment

fingers crossed, …

So… I repeated the whole process ( and now I do not have the issue. The only thing I’ve done differently is I updated my VirtualBox. So that could be it? Idk. Another possible reason is that previously I had a typo somewhere in ~/.bashrc or ~/.emacs

Hard to say really :slight_smile:
But glad that it is working now.