LKB-FOS: new binaries

Earlier today I made a new binary distribution of LKB-FOS, available as usual via the link on the LkbFos wiki page. The source repository is up to date, and I’ve added some missing files and cleared out irrelevant files.

Below is a summary of the main changes, copied from the README.


  • In certain (rare) cases, a type constraint could be ignored when computing the expanded constraint of another type - fixed.
  • DRMS output failed if the parse contained a predicate only 1 or 2 characters long - fixed.
  • Worked around LUI failure to display feature structures that: (1) contain types that look like integers, or (2) contain list types or list head/tail features at the top level. Clicking on a type with a numeric name in a LUI window now also works.
  • Improved the layout of Dependency MRS at font sizes larger or smaller than the default.
  • Disabled the confusing menus called “Operation on x” that used to pop up when right clicking on an active element in an LKB window.
  • Fixed a subtle bug in the agenda handling code, which occasionally led to tasks being executed in the wrong order; also, the agenda doesn’t now hold on to memory if processing halts unexpectedly.
  • Changed the interpretation of *first-only-p* = 0: a complete chart is created, but there’s no attempt to unpack any results.
  • LKB Top now correctly displays blank lines. Still waiting for a fix for a McCLIM bug that causes large feature structures to become garbled after scrolling.
  • In all recent versions of the ERG, if chart packing is enabled then in LUI parse chart windows every non-lexical edge is labelled CTYPE; getting more useful output requires a minor change to the function lui-chart-edge-name in the ERG’s lkb/user-fns.lsp. See Rule names missing in LUI chart display after LKB parse and Getting parse chart in LKB

Thank you @johnca ! This is incredibly timely, too, as I’m getting ready to ask Brandon for an update to the VM image we use for Ling 567.

@ebender Apologies, @Dan found a show-stopping bug in this version yesterday: font files were not found due to font directory path names being hardwired into the binaries. There was no easy workaround, so I’ve created a new set of binaries - download it from the usual place.

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Thank you for the heads up! I hadn’t gotten to downloading anything yet anyway, so still very timely :slight_smile: