LKB-FOS: new version including YY input mode and type docstring 'tooltips'

I’ve just created a new binary distribution of LKB-FOS; the download link is on the LkbFos wiki page. Source code is in the svn repository (at revision 29438).

I’ll talk about the new version at the upcoming summit in A Coruña. Below is a summary of the changes – see the README for details.


  • Added YY input mode, for easy integration of an external preprocessing module.
  • In the GUI, hovering the mouse pointer over a type name that has a docstring associated with it pops up a ‘tooltip’ displaying the docstring.
  • Fixed a bug where the last part of a sentence was ignored if none of the tokens in it had any morphological analyses.
  • Fixed a bug in the parser which led to errors with grammars containing ternary and greater rules in which the ‘key’ daughter was not the first.
  • Internal improvements, including code refactoring and algorithmic refinements.