LKB-FOS: new version with bug fixes and parse chart packing under generalisation

I’ve just created a new binary distribution of LKB-FOS; as usual it can be downloaded via the link on the LkbFos wiki page. The source code repository is up to date.

I’ll talk about the new version at the upcoming summit in Olomouc. Below are some of the highlights; there’s a bit more detail in the README.


  • Added local ambiguity packing under generalisation to the parser (inspired by a similar capability in ACE).
  • Fixed bugs in DELPH-IN YY input mode.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented generation of sentences containing multiple occurrences of semantically empty lexical items.
  • Fixed a bug in [incr tsdb()] that led to an error “The value NIL is not of type NUMBER” when attempting to treebank.
  • Removed some rough edges in the graphical interface.